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Uniquely in the field of organisational therapy services, we offer every client a 100% value-for-money guarantee on everything we do.


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bob marshall
chief coach

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I have come to recognize that being trustworthy does not demand
that I be rigidly consistent but that I be dependably real. ~ Carl Rogers


We have been in the business of transforming the health and well-being of knowledge-work businesses, teams and individuals for the best part of the last twenty years.

All our clients have good things to say about our contribution to their business success. Here are just a few of these things...

"I have worked with Bob to mature three engineering organisations, which have collectively authored product that has generated in excess of a billion dollars of license revenue.

Bob's ability to analyse organisational weaknesses and generate long lasting solutions by working with the team is second to none. He is an essential component of any business which I build."

"Bob is one of the most extraordinary people I have had the pleasure of working with. He has a unique set of talents in developing and applying finite discipline and intangible culture to create effective software development teams.

His understanding of how to build a team and culture that delivers effective, reliable and robust software on time and to budget, is in my experience unrivalled."

I have known Bob Marshall now for about 5 years both in a business capacity and as a friend. I have always been impressed by his appreciation of issues and his considerable insight into the root causes of both tangible and intangible items. He has a very structured approach to any task or goal he is set and consistently delivers results as promised.

To learn more about how and why people trust Falling Blossoms to help in improving the health and well-being of their organisations, call Bob Marshall now on +44(0)1474707420.